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Post War Home Renovations

With land becoming scarce in sought after areas, many Brisbane buyers are turning their attention to post-war homes.  This style of home is commonly found across a 10 kilometre radius of the City, making it an attractive investment option.

Post-war homes were built with the pressure of limited building materials and a need to build many homes as quickly as possible.  They generally feature a low pitched tile roof, casement windows and hardwood timber floors.



Source: Brisbane City Council

Detonate or Renovate?

The age old question – to start from new or to improve upon the existing property?    With fewer restrictions on them than their earlier counterparts, demolishing this style of home is a popular option.  But these mid-century homes make a great starting point for renovation, with hardwood frames that were built to a very high standard.

The downside to this style of home is that the rooms are very separate and don’t afford the open plan that is so sought after.  They also generally don’t offer as many bedrooms and bathrooms as most families require.


An extension on a Clayfield Post-War home creates extra living space.

Extend your living space

A common approach to post war home renovation is to raise them and build in underneath with a large deck upstairs.  The disadvantage to this method is the loss of connection between the living areas and the outdoor areas.

An alternative renovation option is to add a separate, open-plan extension that is connected by an internal walkway to the rear of the existing home. This preserves the integrity of the original house.

Less ornate than the Queenslanders before them, this simple style of house works well with principles of popular modern architecture.  They provide home owners with blank canvas upon which to create their ideal contemporary residence.

To find out how we can bring your mid-century home into the modern day, contact dsarchitecture today on 07 3899 9450.


A post war home with a contemporary extension.



Renovated Queenslander Home – Hawthorne


The rear of the Renovated Queenslander home showing the new courtyard area

Connecting The Spaces

This 1920’s Queenslander in Hawthorne had been previously renovated but the results were not working for the current owners, who felt that the ground floor layout did not suit their lifestyle.

After meeting with the clients at their home for a three hour Lifestyle Design Options Assessment, we agreed that the downstairs layout did not flow well and that a greater connection between the indoor and outdoor area was needed.   The client also wanted to renovate their main bathroom and to have concepts developed to improve the street appeal in the future.

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Space solutions for a family home

Family Home Space Solutions

Creating space in a Brisbane family home


Home to four young children, it’s time for this Brisbane family home to grow

A three bedroom workers’ cottage in Auchenflower was a fairly cosy arrangement for a family with four children under 10. It is not surprising that the urgent requirement was more space.

We met with the owners for a three hour Lifestyle Design Options Assessment to review their current and future lifestyle requirements and to discuss design solutions to their cramped living arrangements. The owner’s brief included an addition to the rear of the property that was bright and open.

This goal was achieved by including a new pavilion featuring expansive windows and large bi-fold doors that open up the main living area to the backyard. The result is a bright and inviting space with ample natural ventilation that can be easily regulated.

The new pavilion houses a generous family styled kitchen, complete with spacious butler’s pantry. A large study nook has also been added, along with a lounge area that maintains a comfortable connection with the rest of the living and dining space. The existing home has been reconfigured to accommodate three bedrooms for the children, along with a bathroom and play area.

The beautiful new master bedroom, with its outlook over a large jacaranda tree, is found in the upstairs area of the new pavilion. This area is also home to two multipurpose spaces and a generous void overlooks the kitchen and dining area and further adds to the spacious feel of the home.

Outside a new front fence in the style of the classic 1900’s cottage improves the streetscape, while a future swimming pool with decking will provide the complete package.

Family Home Space Solutions Result

The result is a family home that will now perfectly suit their needs, giving them a sense of freedom and space that they could previously only have dreamed of.

We have already completed the full design and construction documents and we have called for prices from four reputable builders suited to this type of project in a tender process. In this case the difference between the range of the tenders was significant, nearly $250,000. This just shows the true value in the tender process that is available when you engage the services of an architect who operates independently of a builder. The architect fees themselves have been well and truly covered in the savings through the tender process.

Does your family need space to grow? Contact Dion Seminara Architecture on 07 3899 9450 to find out how your current family home can provide you with the space you need in the future.

Brisbane family home renovation

Room to live in this family home renovation




Creating an Outdoor Room

Queensland has a beautiful climate and one creating an outdoor roomthat allows for a largely outdoor lifestyle. But for many people, a simple deck doesn’t quite cut it. They want to enjoy the outdoors in a degree of comfort. The type of comfort that only an outdoor room can offer.

Outdoor living areas are not a new concept, just look at any older style home and chances are you will see large verandahs adorned with outdoor settings. The major difference is that today we do things better. The verandahs of the past have made way for outdoor rooms and alfresco areas with a degree of refinement never before thought of.

So let’s look at some of the basics that go into making an outdoor room.

Where to build the outdoor room:

The one thing to keep in mind about the outdoors is that it is ‘outdoors’. It’s not inside where windows, walls and doors protect us from the elements. This needs to be taken into account when designing an outdoor room.

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Creating Magnetic Entertaining Spaces

Brisbane architect renovationHave you ever noticed how particular spaces within a home tend to attract people? How people seem to be immediately drawn to certain areas, as if some mysterious magnetic force was pulling people into this space?

One of the most intriguing is the magnetism of a kitchen island bench. You would hardly say that a kitchen is an exciting room, yet people congregate around an island bench as if it was prime seating at a sold out concert. This phenomenon is further enhanced if the same island bench has stools, or other forms of seating available.

But it’s not only kitchen benches where this phenomenon occurs. BBQ’s are another example of a space that people tend to gravitate towards. This can occur even if nothing is being cooked.

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