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Red Hill
Renovations, Colonials

Renovation Design Red Hill

Complementary design

Renovation Design Red Hill

With their children growing older, our clients made the significant decision to move to Red Hill to be closer to their children’s schools and future universities. As our client’s way of life changed and they had settled into their new community, they realised their new home needed to be open and modernised to meet the new lifestyle requirements of their family. A character home can easily look like a “replica” when updated, and thus we maintained that our design would complement the other homes on the street while retaining its own distinct style.

Comfortable living

Park Vista Colonial

The original colonial house façade remains at the front of the property, with the seamless transition to the modern extension that reflects the changing tastes. With a family that needed more space and a home that needed light and airflow; our clients now have a place that provides them with comfortable living and a gorgeous view every day.

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Lifestyle Design Architects Brisbane Est. 1993

Lifestyle Design Architects Brisbane Est. 1993

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