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Post War Home Renovations

With land becoming scarce in sought after areas, many Brisbane buyers are turning their attention to post-war homes.  This style of home is commonly found across a 10 kilometre radius of the City, making it an attractive investment option.

Post-war homes were built with the pressure of limited building materials and a need to build many homes as quickly as possible.  They generally feature a low pitched tile roof, casement windows and hardwood timber floors.



Source: Brisbane City Council

Detonate or Renovate?

The age old question – to start from new or to improve upon the existing property?    With fewer restrictions on them than their earlier counterparts, demolishing this style of home is a popular option.  But these mid-century homes make a great starting point for renovation, with hardwood frames that were built to a very high standard.

The downside to this style of home is that the rooms are very separate and don’t afford the open plan that is so sought after.  They also generally don’t offer as many bedrooms and bathrooms as most families require.


An extension on a Clayfield Post-War home creates extra living space.

Extend your living space

A common approach to post war home renovation is to raise them and build in underneath with a large deck upstairs.  The disadvantage to this method is the loss of connection between the living areas and the outdoor areas.

An alternative renovation option is to add a separate, open-plan extension that is connected by an internal walkway to the rear of the existing home. This preserves the integrity of the original house.

Less ornate than the Queenslanders before them, this simple style of house works well with principles of popular modern architecture.  They provide home owners with blank canvas upon which to create their ideal contemporary residence.

To find out how we can bring your mid-century home into the modern day, contact dsarchitecture today on 07 3899 9450.


A post war home with a contemporary extension.



A place for everything in your modern kitchen design


Modern kitchen

The home kitchen has undergone a makeover in the past half a century.  No longer a separate room at the rear of the house, the modern kitchen is likely to be the centrepiece in an open plan layout.  The heart of the home.

The evolution of the modern kitchen

Once upon a time dinner guests would sit in a formal lounge or at the dining table while the host prepared dinner.  Now you are more likely to find the guests gathered around the kitchen island having a glass of wine and a chat, and hopefully lending a hand!

The modern kitchen design is so much more than a food preparation area.  It has become an entertaining space. An area for homework, a home office or a place to have a cup of coffee in the morning.  With our increasingly busy lives, less people are sitting at their dining tables for meals.  The modern kitchen has become the hub where families gather to catch up on the events of the day.

The key to renovation success

With the modern kitchen design taking such an integral role in our lives, it is no wonder it is one of the most commonly renovated rooms in the home.  A successful kitchen renovation requires a design professional to deliver you a result you will be proud to showcase in the centre of your home.

Our design professionals work with you to create solutions for all of the necessary mess that is found in the kitchen – the appliances, the food packets, crockery and glassware.  Don’t forget about all the modern technology that creeps in with their cords and chargers.  We can design you a study nook in the kitchen to house the laptop and the charging stations.

You can see the success of individually tailored solutions in this kitchen, renovated by dsarchitecture.  With the sleek black doors closed, you would never know that they hide all of the kitchen clutter as well as extra valuable preparation space.

dsarchitecture clever solutions for kitchen clutter

dsarchitecture clever solutions for kitchen clutter

What if your kitchen is stuck at the back of the house and you really would love it to be the heart of the home?  Don’t despair.  We have improved many layouts through relocating the kitchen to another part of the home and giving the new kitchen a greater connection to the rest of the home.

Are you ready to create a kitchen that you will be proud to entertain in? Why not call dsarchitecture on 3899 9450 to find out how you can include a new kitchen as part of your home renovation, new build or independent project.

Modern kitchen Modern kitchen



Your Wardrobe Solution: A Space For Everything


Mariah Carey’s wardrobe

Is your current wardrobe a picture of organisation, with a space for all of your clothing and accessories?  Or like many people, is the door to your wardrobe best kept shut – if you can even manage to get those doors closed at all!

A well organised wardrobe solution will not only be a joy to look at, by having a space for everything you will also save yourself time constantly searching for your favourite black shirt amongst a sea of other black shirts.


Credit: Cuhosted

The perfect wardrobe solution for you.

Just imagine it – racks for shoes or ties, shelves for handbags, drawers for your jewellery and different hanging lengths for jackets, dresses and pants.   A full length mirror.  Maybe even a comfortable spot to sit and contemplate your outfit choices for the next day or just to hide from the kids.

To provide you with the best wardrobe solution, consideration needs to be given to what your storage needs are at present as well as what they might be in the future (well there are always going to be sales!).  Do you want to display your collection of handbags?  Or do you dream of a wall of your most gorgeous high heels?  A design expert will use their training and experience as well as their specialised knowledge of products to provide you with the best possible outcome.


Credit: Zalf Mobili

The professional advantage

While it is definitely more fun to daydream about how many more shoes you need for the shelves, it is also important that your choice of location for your tailored wardrobe solution is the right one.  Nobody wants to invest their hard earned dollars on a wardrobe that will limit their future renovation possibilities.  This is when the assistance of an Architect can be priceless.

At Dion Seminara Architecture, our Interior Designer is experienced in creating custom wardrobe solutions and benefits from working alongside our principal architect who has over 20 years’ experience in residential architecture.

Whether it be as part of a new home build, a renovation or as an independent service in your existing home, we can make the wardrobe solution of your dreams a reality.

Why not give us a call on 07 3899 9450 to arrange a time for our Interior Designer to discuss a wardrobe solution tailored perfectly to your needs.


Credit: Dion Seminara Architecture


Our Interior Design Service Can Save You Money

Have you heard about our interior design service?

I recently met with an existing client who wasn’t aware of our interior design service which we have offered for the past 23 years. I wanted to take a moment to make sure you know about this great service which we offer in-house.

Our interior design service is available for you to use as part of your home renovation, new build or as an independent service to an existing home or in a new home not designed by us.

What does a dsarchitecture interior designer do?

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Renovated Queenslander Home – Hawthorne


The rear of the Renovated Queenslander home showing the new courtyard area

Connecting The Spaces

This 1920’s Queenslander in Hawthorne had been previously renovated but the results were not working for the current owners, who felt that the ground floor layout did not suit their lifestyle.

After meeting with the clients at their home for a three hour Lifestyle Design Options Assessment, we agreed that the downstairs layout did not flow well and that a greater connection between the indoor and outdoor area was needed.   The client also wanted to renovate their main bathroom and to have concepts developed to improve the street appeal in the future.

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